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by Dahlia Adler


Dahlia Adler has also written:


Word Count

34- fuck

12- ass (half-ass, asshole)

4- bitch

25- shit (shitty, shit-hole, shitshow, shittier, bullshit)

2- Jesus (in vain)

3- damn

2- sexy

1- pregnant

7- queer

6- gender

2- nonbinary

3- pronouns

5- demon 

3- naked

41- witch (witchcraft)

7- drunk

2- beer

24- wine

1- vodka

1- slut (slutty)

4- pissed

1- porn (torture porn)

1- Planned Parenthood

1- strzyga (is usually female demon similar to a vampire)



"When I finally tell my mother I'm trans, I do it over dinner." -  pg 96


"I don't feel like a girl," I tell her, hands knotted over my twisting stomach, eyes downcast on the kitchen table. "I'm. a boy.  My body's just--wrong." pg87


"My head is full of gender fuckery and laughter and wicked smiles, and I just want to go lie down and fantasize for a while." pg 96


"I have an appointment in my phone's calendar, three weeks from tomorrow, at a Planned Parenthood in Illinois, to talk to someone about starting HRT. " pg103







At Midnight: 15 Beloved Fairy Tales Reimagined

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