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SXSW Offers Harmful CPE Classes For Educators

SXSW is a conference held in Austin, TX, each year. Texas educators may attend and can receive CPE credits for taking many of the classes offered. Here are just a few:

  • Bringing Justice to the Classroom

  • Circle Keepers - Youth Led Restorative Justice!

  • Community Partnerships for Anti-Racist Leadership

  • Taking LGBTQ Student Support to the Next Level

  • Counteracting Book Bans Through Libraries

  • Pronouns & LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Classroom

  • Drag Story Hour: Fight for Queer Herstories

  • The Case for Death Education in High Schools

  • Why Porn Literacy Belongs In Sex Education

Other classes with no CPE credit, but targeted at educators and administrators:

  • White Supremacy & Anti-Semitism on Campus

  • How Planned Parenthood, Brady, & You Empower Gen Z

  • Disobeying Educational Gag Orders

On March 3, 2023, Texas Scorecard reported on the event with their article Education Conference Pushes Woke Ideology Again thus further exposing the content available to educators.

§232.21 lists the provider requirements for the State Board For Educator Certification (SBEC). It states that all continuing professional education (CPE) providers must:

(1) comply with applicable SBEC rules in TAC, Title 19, Part 7;

(2) contribute to the advancement of professional knowledge and skills identified by the commissioner's rules for teacher and administrator standards in Chapter 149 of this title the TEKS adopted by the SBOE, & standards adopted by the SBEC for each certificate;

The SBEC Core Principles state they believe…

  1. student success is primary.

  2. we must ensure the safety and welfare of Texas’s diverse student population.

  3. well-prepared educators are essential.

  4. high certification standards are essential for ensuring consistency and effectiveness among educator preparation programs.

  5. standards should be measured by rigorous, relevant, valid, and reliable assessments.

  6. certification programs should be held to the same accountability standards.

  7. certification programs should have transparent systems for continuous improvement.

  8. we are accountable to all Texas stakeholders and their input is essential.

  9. we must continually improve our policies and processes in response to changing needs.

  10. certified educators hold a unique position of trust with students; therefore, educators must be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Surely somewhere within the above standards and principles, there is verbiage to halt the approval of many of these class offerings. Email or call your legislator today and ask them to file a bill to further hold the SBEC & TEA accountable for their actions to ensure all CPE provider offerings are of the “highest standards of ethical conduct”.

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