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2023 House Pubic Education Committee 88th

Updated: Mar 29


Committee Clerk: Jack Reed 512-463-0804 l Chair: Rep. Brad Buckley (R) 512-463-0684 l Vice Chair: Rep. Alma Allen (D) 512-463-0744 l


Rep. Steve Allison (R) 512-463-0686 l Rep. Charles Cunningham (R) 512-463-0520 l Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. (D) 512-463-0510 l Rep. Cody Harris (R) 512-463-0730 l Rep. Brian Harrison (R) 512-463-0516 l Rep. Cole Hefner (R) 512-463-0271 l Rep. Gina Hinojosa (D) 512-463-0668 l Rep. Ken King (R) 512-463-0736 l Rep. Oscar Longoria (D) 512-463-0645 l Rep. Matt Schaefer (R) 512-463-0584 l Rep. James Talarico (D) 512-463-0821 l

All Republican Member Emails (easy to copy)

All Member Emails including clerk (easy to copy)

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